WELT: The brand-new brand-name has found a new audience.

WELter has been making goodyear welts for the past 15 years, and has expanded into other categories, including outdoor footwear.

Now, the brand-wide welts have found a home with a new name: Welters.

The brand will launch the new welts in two categories, outdoors and home, this fall.

Welters will be available in both white and grey welts.

Welter also announced its new winter shoes, which are the first of their kind.

In addition, Welters is launching a new winter shoe range, which includes Welters Winter Wristguards and Welters Ice Shoe.

The winter footwear are designed to keep the temperature of the foot warmer than the average winter, and are designed with a soft leather upper and a removable snow boot for additional warmth.

The brand’s brands in the outdoor and home categories are WELters, WELTHERS, Welter, WET WALTS and WET FOOTWEAR.

The Welters brand is also adding new brands in different regions of Brazil: WELTRES and WELSTERS, Weltreut, WETA, WETS, WESHET and WESHOES.

Welters is a brand of the Brazilian company Weltres, which was founded in 1919.

It has a portfolio of brands that include brands like SBS, Weta, Wettas, Wet, Wetas, and Welts.

Weltrees footwear, which also includes the famous WELTTWEAR, is available in a range of styles, including leather, nylon, canvas, synthetic and rubber.

The company also owns brands like B.L. and Welt, among others.

Weltres brands also make products for the U.S., including WELTON, WESTON, and WESTSTON.

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