A spider bite victim’s family finds a new love

The family of a Florida man who was bitten by a giant spider that had been hiding in his leg is still searching for answers.

According to authorities, the man’s sister, Laura Holcomb, and her husband found the spider in his pants pocket while on a walk with friends on the beach.

The couple told WESH-TV that when they returned to the beach, they found the creature crawling under their clothes.

Laura Holcomb said the spider was about four inches long and had a “big bite” that left her with swelling and pain in her leg.

She said the spiders bite is usually painful and that it’s usually a matter of minutes after a bite before the swelling and numbness returns.

Holcomb said that despite the spider’s size, she was still surprised by how it was able to escape from the Holcomb’s pants pocket.

She told WFLA-TV the spiders ability to crawl under clothing has never been seen before.

“It’s kind of like a new species to us,” she said.

Holcomnts husband said they are thankful that no one was hurt and that he is thankful for the support he has received.