Good paintball is a sport in the heart of America

In the aftermath of the Las Vegas mass shooting, the debate over whether to ban paintball at the country’s biggest indoor tournaments has only intensified.

A growing number of players, trainers and manufacturers are coming to the conclusion that the sport is still here, and they’re not going anywhere.

They say that the violence and the fear that has been unleashed at some of the most popular events are simply too much to ignore.

But many paintballers are also calling out the industry that has allowed them to continue their lives and work, to the detriment of everyone else.

In an attempt to dispel the myths and misinformation that surround the sport, Salon spoke to paintball experts to see if there is a way to make paintball an even bigger and better industry.

The results of our conversations have been fascinating.

What we found is that there is so much misinformation and fear in the paintball community.

I think it’s so hard to come out and speak on the paint ball industry and say, ‘I’m just a gun owner and I love paintball.’

I love it, I love the community and I’m a gun enthusiast.

So I’m really glad that I got to share my passion and I’ve got a platform to speak out about it.

But I do think it is important to get the facts out there, to educate the general public about paintball and paintball in general.

It’s an incredibly diverse and interesting industry and a sport that’s growing in popularity all around the country.

So it’s important that we educate the public about it, especially in the early stages.

What paintball players and trainers need to knowWhat is paintball?

The word paintball was first coined in 2009 by the game’s creator, Adam “Mighty Mouse” Torgersen, who called it a “shootball” and “ball sport.”

It’s a type of shooting, which is when a shooter throws a paintball ball in a direction.

You aim the ball at your target and you fire as many shots as you can, and then you wait for the ball to bounce.

That’s where it all began for Adam.

But he says that there’s more to paint ball than just shooting.

He says the sport’s origins began with a small, amateur club, which was in the process of forming.

Adam says that the club eventually became a large national tournament, with some tournaments reaching hundreds of people.

Paintball, he says, was born out of that same spirit.

He thinks the growth of paintball has been so fast that it has become difficult to keep track of what the sport actually is, and what the people who play it are doing.

What do paintball professionals think about banning paintball from the indoor tournaments?

It’s hard to talk about paintballs and paint ball in general because we don’t have an official definition of what it is.

I know a lot of people who are in the industry are very critical of paintballs.

I personally don’t think there is any problem with the term paintball, and paintballs are a sport, and it’s something that should be embraced and encouraged.

I’ve been a paint ball player since I was a kid, so I’ve seen how this sport has been embraced by the community.

And I’m very passionate about the sport.

What I do know is that paintball does not represent the gun culture in any way.

Paintballs are more of a community sport and that’s what people play and that is how it should be.

What’s the current status of paint ball?

A lot of paint balls are still being produced.

It doesn’t have the same buzz that the other sports do, but it’s definitely a booming industry.

I’m surprised to see how much interest in the sport has exploded in the past few years.

Paint balls are becoming more popular and more popular because of the violence that’s been happening, the fear and the paranoia that is surrounding the sport and the way that people are looking at it.

That kind of hatred and fear is not something that I feel good about.

I don’t see how we should be doing this if we don.

What is the state of paint league safety in the U.S.?

In terms of paint leagues in the United States, there is no state of the art paint ball safety program.

I have heard that paint balls can be dangerous.

But they have been proven safe.

They can be extremely safe.

There are many paint balls that are sold in the states that are safe and they’ve been proven to be safe.

So what I would say is, paintball can be a safe sport, but you shouldn’t go out and get a gun and start shooting paintballs in a public place.

I would encourage everyone to think before they go out there and take part in a paint league, or to try to go to one.

But if you want to go out in a private setting, be aware that there are a lot more paint balls out there than people realize