Welterweight fight with ‘Cocky’ Arterton on Fox Sports 1

The undefeated Arterman (19-2) is out to prove he’s still the best in the division and to earn his first UFC title shot.

Arter, who has won all of his fights by knockout or submission, will be making his third straight title defense on FOX Sports 1 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Arterman, 29, is a former Strikeforce bantamweight champion and he’s now a UFC champion with four wins.

He recently picked up a split decision victory over fellow UFC champion Ronda Rousey in the main event of UFC on FOX 19.

Arner has won the UFC championship twice and twice in Strikeforce, but he hasn’t fought for the UFC since 2013.

Arner will face “Cockyu” Terrell (12-3 MMA, 6-2 UFC) in the co-main event of the UFC on FX 6 card.

Terrell is coming off a split-decision victory over Mike Perry in his UFC debut.

The fight will take place on the same night as UFC 214 on FOX, which takes place at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Angeles.

When ‘The Crucible’ premiered, Sally Welt was a young, black woman in a dangerous position

NEW YORK — “What’s the matter, Sally?,” asked her boyfriend, Archie Welter.

“You look really good.

You got a pretty big heart.

What are you doing with all that stuff?”

“Why are you acting so different?”

Welter’s girlfriend, Sally Wilt, responded.

“I got it,” said Welter, 41, who lives in Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Welter’s career trajectory was shaped by his father, Archie, who taught him how to play guitar and piano.

His first gig was as a backup singer on a rock group in the 1970s, but he quickly found himself on the stage.

At age 17, he appeared in the film The Crucible.

But it was when he made his first TV appearance, as a black man in a film called Black and Blue, that Welter became the star of his own series, The Crucibles.

In the show, he played a black detective who has a crush on a white girl, played by actress Sally Weilt.

Welt said she was nervous at first, but the audience was welcoming, so she agreed to take a job as a costume designer on the show.

She was one of the first actors to take the part, she said, and it helped that she is white.

After the show aired, Welter said he was contacted by an editor who asked if he would write the next episode of The Cruci-U.

He said he wanted to be the first black detective.

He also wanted to make the show more than a show about white people, he said.

He decided to do something different.

The first episode, “Black and Blue,” was broadcast in 1994 and became a hit.

Now, Welters life is marked by the role of Sally Weil, who plays the detective in his new Netflix series, which premieres on April 23.

As the show’s star, Weltering said he is grateful for being a part of history.

‘I want to go to the grave’After graduating from New York University, he went on to study acting at New York’s Columbia College of Art.

Then, at the age of 18, he met his wife, Jillian, who was working as a hairstylist.

When he was a teenager, he fell in love with Weil.

Welt, a longtime friend, had always known about their relationship, she recalled.

So he started getting calls about playing the part.

He was nervous.

He had never acted in a play before, he thought.

And then one day, when he was on the set of The Cradle of the Gods, he came into the dressing room and saw the director, who happened to be white.

She was very shocked and said, ‘Whoa, you’re not gonna be able to do it, are you?’

Wilt said she remembers being nervous, but she understood that she had to take it on.

They married and moved to New York in 1999.

Since then, Welts career has evolved.

He’s appeared in films such as The Great Gatsby and a documentary on the early history of the United States called The American Exodus.

Most recently, Welting has become one of television’s leading stars, playing the lead in his first series, the hit ABC series The Cruces.

While he is known for his roles in crime dramas like The Sopranos and Chicago PD, Weltered said he also wants to do more original work.

I want everyone to be able do what they love.

That’s why I want to make shows like Black and White.

A new ‘Black and White’ series in development on Netflix, called “Black Cat,” will also include a different cast of characters.

It’s set in the 1800s in Baltimore.

The series will be produced by Michael Bay and will premiere in 2020.

Welters first love was music, he explained.

Every day, he’d sing his music to his family and friends.

My family and I used to sit around listening to him, and I loved him, he added.

Today, he lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters, who are 14 and 16 years old.