‘We don’t need a gun’: Gun owners who are anti-gun but not anti-authority

Werkers Welt, a self-styled ‘shooters of the year’ organisation that was founded in the US, has announced it will hold its first annual gun show in the country on December 1, 2017.

The group, which has also launched its own magazine, aims to “bring the whole world into the arms of guns”.

Its founder, James Abrash, told Al Jazeera that the aim was to encourage more people to “shoot, fight and be shot”.

He said Werker members would shoot at any person they perceived to be a threat, including members of the police and armed groups. “

If someone is going to hurt you, then you should shoot back,” he said.

He said Werker members would shoot at any person they perceived to be a threat, including members of the police and armed groups.

“We don�t need a weapon.

We don�re just going to have a rifle or a gun,” he added.

Werkering, which was formed in 2017, is not a legal entity but operates on a voluntary basis.

The magazine, which includes a number of weapons, aims “to bring the whole of the world into [the arms of] guns”.

In an online post, Abras said Werks members would also “have their own guns”.

“We�ve got some guns that we�ve bought ourselves.

But we don�ll let anybody else have it.”

Werkery aims to raise awareness about gun control in the Indian state of Punjab, a predominantly Muslim state that has been the site of a string of mass killings in recent years.

“Our aim is to bring the world to a gun culture,” Abrs said.

Werkinest and its magazine have become a hotbed for gun-rights advocates in India.

The organisation is supported by a US-based group, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and a number other US-funded organisations.

Last year, a group of gun control activists staged a rally outside the home of a prominent Sikh politician in New Delhi.

“When people hear that we have a magazine that allows people to shoot back at anyone, they get really worried,” said Darshan Singh, a gun control activist and founder of the Sikh Coalition for Gun Rights.

“The media is the one that is supposed to tell us what to think, what to do.

But what it does is create fear.” 

The Gun Rights Alliance of India, an organisation that aims to reduce gun violence, said it welcomed the Werkher move.

“Gun control is a national priority and it is imperative that our nation comes together in the fight against this scourge of violence and hatred,” said Manish Nanda, the organisation’s national president.

“Werkers are a powerful voice that must be heard and supported in their efforts to make gun violence a thing of the past.”

The group said it was “very happy” to see Werkhers taking a stand against gun violence.

“We support the right of every individual to have firearms, and will work with them to support their work in ensuring that India stays one step ahead of the global trend towards mass shootings,” the group said in a statement.