How to deal with mosquito bites – What to do if you have mosquito bites on your skin and what to do when they occur article In this article We take a look at common mosquito bites and how to treat them.

If you are thinking about getting bitten, here are some tips.1.

Avoid direct sunlightIf you don’t have direct sunlight, try wearing long-sleeved shirts, a long-johns shirt or trousers, and a long cap.

Avoid getting caught in the sun as much as possible.2.

Apply insect repellentAvoid getting caught with your arm around someone who is getting bitten.

It’s best to wear gloves to prevent mosquito bites.3.

Wear insect repellerApply insect repellers to your skin if you think you might be bitten by mosquitoes.

Apply them to your arms and legs to prevent getting bitten by insects while you’re at home.4.

Wear masksIf you’re getting bitten and you think someone is touching you, apply a mask to your face and neck.5.

Wash your handsWash your hands after you’ve been bitten.

The best way to do this is to rinse your hands with warm water, then dry them with a paper towel.

It may be hard to notice when you’ve done this.6.

Don’t drink alcoholWear a full face mask if you’re having a mosquito bite.

Avoid drinking alcohol while you are getting bitten or when you’re around others who are having a bite.7.

Use mosquito netsIf you can, use mosquito nets to keep mosquitoes away from you.

The nets are great for keeping mosquitoes away if you are in a small area.

If not, use a long one or a small one.8.

Don ‘t go out aloneIf you live in a large area and you want to go out on a limb and get bitten, consider going out alone.

It is safer to go to the beach alone than in a crowded area.9.

Be cautiousDon’t do anything that makes mosquitoes more active.

Take extra precautions if you plan to be in close proximity to a mosquito.10.

Get out of the areaIf you want your body to be protected against mosquitoes, don’t travel far from your home.

If mosquitoes are in your home, you need to avoid getting bitten from mosquitoes, wear long sleeves, and wear long- johns shirts and trousers.

You should also wear a long hat and a mosquito net.11.

Avoid outdoor activitiesWhen you are outdoors, don ‘t play outdoors.

The mosquitoes that feed on mosquitoes can spread diseases, so don’t go outdoors with your family or children.